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Exercise 3 Film posters



Choose a film and its corresponding poster and reflect on how the typography, image, colour and composition are used to reflect the nature of the film.

I simple searched for ‘film posters’ and this beauty came up.  I had no idea this was a film, but I DO want to see it.  It has it all –  primality midget, or little people, 1920’s dress, rainbows, and a great pun “Against all Oz.” I honestly can’t think of anything that could make this poster any better!  The colours are visually correct, leaving the black and white depression era dress – set under and above a textured rainbow. The font in the caption is playful by looks like a newspaper font, vintage. The cursive “under the rainbow” is equally as fun, written in blue, in the same arch shape.

I’ve just noticed another pun – a Giant (in larger dark font) Comedy – Don’t sell in short (smaller font)..  bahahahaha!  It’s too good!!!  I don’t think it’d have as good of an effect today, the film was made in the age of Chevy Chase, where this genre of cheese comedy was king.


I really enjoyed researching different collage artists; John Heartfield, Peter Kennard, Hannah Hoch, Martha Rosler.  Hannah Hoch was definitely my favourite (see blog posting in research and reflection).

My idea for the collage was to contrast Asian aesthetics and values, with more gritty Vice style photography.  I know there are massive gaps between the rich and poor in many countries, and Vietnam has proven to be no exception, and in many ways, it’s more obvious. In a country with a huge brand production and manufacturing, it’s so interesting for me to see so many local people wearing Channel synthetic shoes, and sequined adorned velvet leisure ware. If copyright was a thing here, it’d be violated on every corner, in every instance, everywhere.  I love what Channel has become here. That’s the positive side.

The negative is the want to be seen as expensive, a target most Vietnamese strive for.  On the actual “luxury” end, the clothes are shiny, precisely creased and ironed, with an artificial veneer.  I hate it.  It’s so un-natural in an uncomfortable way, with bleached out faces, selling unremarkable, un-original design, to people who have more money, than taste.

I love expensive looking fashion based on creativity and design, I love looking through Vogue, especially Vintage magazines. The women look amazing, there is colour, and contour, and couture. I understand my Western eyes see things differently, but saying that, I love Japanese style, and base a lot of my ideas of the simplistic lines and folds.  Vietnamese are trying, but they are looking to look rich, instead of looking good.

For this reason, I wanted to combine those two extremes of new rich Vietnamese, with, I don’t give a toot attitude of Vice.  One problem, my husband did not want me cutting up with magazines.. fair enough.

I went through all of the luxury magazines I could find, and took out all the images which made me feel a bit sick.  When I put them together I noticed a correlation between skin whitening products and sickly pale looking models, trying so hard to look rich.  I put all of the images and tag-lines together, … but I didn’t take a picture.

I’m in the situation when I say, “sorry teacher, my dog ate my homework”, but instead it’s, “sorry teacher, I was watering the plants on the balcony when I went inside to turn off the water, but was soon distracted, and forgot, leaving the house for a few hours, to come back to a waterfall falling between the stair well, landing spot on my collage”. And no, I didn’t take a picture, I was too busy trying to save my other things.. oops… but I will try to do another one latter.

Exercise 1:

Looking at different font which contract they way they look and what they are trying to communicate.

(in different fonts to be interpretated)

Enjoy your stay:a medieval font/ not inviting

DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS THEY ARE DANGEROUS: all capital letters, font is more so what you’d expect to see in a newspaper / it’s not authoritative

We are professionals: font is lower case / looks juvenile

LUXURY: higgledy font/ not expensive looking

hand-made: don’t see too much wrong with this font, it’s simple and clear, but depending on how you want hand made to look, you’d potentially like it to be more organic.

Subtle differences can totally change the aesthetics of words, slight tilt, slight shadow, slight spacing, it’s in those slight changes a word can have an identity, or a brand.

Looking back at mixed messages, I always find embroidered swear words amusing in the form of hoop art:

Hoop Art

Other ways of shifting the perception, is to use logo design, but to change what the words says.  For example, at the moment Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity amongst the youth in Britain today is rising, with t-shirts being printed, as support:


It’s a cleaver way of using a pre-existing image which is already emotionally tied to a positive popular feeling, whether a brand, or another leader, such as Che Guevara. All these images a “cool” or “vintage” tying the past to today, empowering the wearer to feel included in a past movement, or view, which can be easily interpreted and accepted.