Research point — dealing with the flood


Referring back to Walker’s point about photography being a currency, I do think inflation is a threat when it comes to social media.

On the other hand, it’s great for cataloging events in time, referencing places, and people.  I do not think it’s a tool used for art, more of a self expression of daily experiences, to share with those far away.

That’s how I look at it, living at least 1000 miles away from most people I love, in a country which inspires me in unconventional ways, I love to document it, because like so many thing, it’s going to change, and quickly.

Ho Chi Minh is a city of change, it’s only been open to the West since 1990s and only recently has been open to international trade/property etc.. meaning that on every corner, next to most houses, on every street, or turn, a house/building is being demolished, and another is built within the month. Such flux and change is parallel to an emerging young generation, who have money — a new concept in a what was, developing country.

With so much change, I do believe that photography, whether art or otherwise, should always be used as a tool to remember.

What you had for lunch, less so important.


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