Exercise 2

  • Flick through a photo album – yours or someone else’s. Pick out any photos that you consider to be ‘artistic’. In your learning log, note down what it is about these particular images that makes them more like artworks than some of the others.

    On Sunday I went to the equivalent of a Sunday Market, in Saigon — it was mostly full of old watches, lighters, glassses, and clocks, but I did find this suitcase full of black and white photograph, I thought perfect for this exercise.

After negotiating a very unfair deal for myself — £15 for a handfull of prints, the man had one leg, it was fine, I was happy to own a small portion of time.

Most of the photographs look as if they could be film stills, but I’d like to imagine them being really time life situations.


Suitcase of photographs found at the Sunday market, District 11, Saigon [6-8-17]
That moment you wait / hope for mail
The wind blowing her long dark hair over his shoulder – love the pattern of the iron gates (so common here in Saigon)
I love this photograph, she’s so beautiful, framed in a reflection
I love these two in particular — she is holding a painting of the man, who is photographed below, maybe a soldier who died in the war, he face says it all.
Just look how he’s wearing that army jacket, like a model

Imagine if I found a Robert Capa original in that box of photographs in a Vietnamese suitcase — wouldn’t that be something
Real war photograph? Or film still?
I love the composition of the paintings and the model
The lighting is particularly etherial
The look and body language of the boy, tells a story
Captures the moment behind the screen so perfectly
I’d really like to imagine the converstion these guys were having
Stunning light / contrast — form
The lighting again is incredible, with the figuring in the background, perhaps the same thing he is creating

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