I’m not entirely sure why it’s taken me a bit of time to start this new unit.  My husband has shelves of photo books, it’s ridiculous, he keeps taking new ones down and handing them to me, I have a stack to look through next to my bed and have started to read a few of them.  Like any realm of art, it’s daunting the magnitude of information available to one self.

Since going through the course outline months ago, I have planning on doing a photo essay here in Thao Dien, a small expats community 4 miles outside the city, on barbed wire.  Every time I go past certain houses, I make a mental note on how they look at certain times of day, and contemplate what will happen if I set up a tri-pod and direct a camera straight into the surveillance cameras.

With everything I do on this course, I hope to incorporate into my everyday life, and into my own practice.  I need to take picture of my clothing so I will do so in a creative manner, taking inspiration from the Vanitas paintings we looked at a the wee beginnings of the CAT course. Thinking natural light, and a dark, dark background, with objects in the background representing the passing of time, a clock, some plastic flowers, books, and maybe something new.

I am looking forward to diving further into the ideas of time and place, which I believe photography epitomizes.


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