Reflections | Part 3

On a whole I really enjoyed exploring visual communications, especially looking at it from graphic design perspective, in relation to marketing and brand identity.  I’ve related some of the aspects I explored in my own creative endeavors, which has inspired me to re-brand my clothing label.

One thing I’ve learnt is there are very few original ideas in new media, most have been re-appropriated, modernized, or inspired by bygone designs. We must constantly look to the past in order to move forward.  There is so much design inspiration, it can be overwhelming.  I had a look at the reading list at the end of this chapter, the design websites were incredible: Design Observer – Eye Magazine –  Varoom – . I want to subscribe to all and buy all the books, including Alexander Girard: A Designer’s Universe.  I want a library full of every book reviewed, I want to study fonts and identity design, and more so, I want to be able to use the software to create images, derived from classic and iconic work.

I think this is why I was so drawn to The Great Wave as a re-appropriated image, because the composition is flawless, and therefore timeless. It’s a quest to find the points in history, where Artists have created something so perfect, be it a colour combination, a font, a shoe, an icon, or a sketch. We need to ask, why does it work so perfectly?  What is it about the spacing, the opacity, the grit, or the simplicity of balance or asymmetry. Are the shapes based on a geometric pattern passed down from the bronze age, or are they naturally occurring in nature?

For example, on The Designer and Book blog I found these books

The American Chap-Book, written and designed by Will Bradley


They were distributed by the American Type Founders Company, with articles written about “Directness and Simplicity,” “The Use of Borders and Ornaments,” and “Appropriateness.”

The fact that they are beautifully formed, composed, and designed books, made to improve aesthetics further, makes them a product of design perfection.

Visual studies are overwhelmingly massive, but I think it’s here, that you find artistic inspiration, and tools through research and discovery, to find your own voice, taking from the never-ending pot of new and old media available to us everywhere.

By exploring all types of visual communications, we can begin to filter out the overused, mundane, and conventional images, in order to express new ideas through clear, cleaver and concise design.

As always there is so much to learn, in this endless journey, the more you look, the more you discover, the more you realise how much you don’t know.  It can be daunting, but I need to remember I am a student, not an author, this is why I am here.

I was so happy to take the opportunity to look how I could improve design/ branding for my own label, The old is new again. The image of a winged seed stuck with me, the idea of a dandelion, at the end of its life, flying away, ready to re-seed again, to create new life someplace else.

Untitled design(4)
my new logo




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